Welcome to Legends of Lore

"Legends of Lore" is Adventure Quest Worlds first official guild for legends only.
We are a group of real AQW lovers. Together we fight side by side through the lore ...
and we will never give up until the nightmare was defeated.

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(please note the topic "Read first: Rules for Applications")

AQW Newest Release

01 / 2015
(Source: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/new-releases)

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Latest News

12 new forum badges / achievements for guild members!

/images/badge_admin.png   /images/badge_hero.png   /images/badge_warlord.png

/images/badge_trainer.png   /images/badge_officer.png   /images/badge_moderator.png

/images/badge_loremaster.png   /images/badge_manager.png   /images/badge_champion.png

Guild Achievements:
/images/badge_first_50.png   /images/badge_founder.png   /images/badge_upholder.png

Latest News

New achievement system for guild members was implemented! Earned achievements are displayed on the user profile (guild forums user profile, not ingame). In the future, new achievements are repeatedly added, especially for Guild competitions and events.

Latest News

Finally! Our guild website is online. In the forum you will find many useful topics and tips and tricks for AQW. For the future, we have planned several guild events and competitions! We will implement an achievement system into the guild forum shortly. Then, every guild member can view all your earned exclusive and rare badges!

A premium guild for premium players!

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